The trading platform announced it stops serving corporate and individual customers in the US in September.
by Betcoin Poker on June 14 th, 2019


Binance just announced their largest crypto-to-crypto exchange by volume platform will stop serving corporate and individual customers from the United States.

Their official statement was uploaded on their website, explaining why they are taking such action. In their quest of complying with global security standards, they will limit services to customers who are in violation of their Terms of Use and could not show otherwise.

Users who are not compliant with their Terms, will continue having access to their funds and wallets, but will not be able to deposit or trade on Binance, effective on 2019/09/12.

Binance have not stated whether the ban is administered by geo-block on IP addresses in the US.

Binance is the largest crypto exchange, processing over $1 billion daily. The coin exchange platform announced they will launch a U.S-based service later.

The platform has grown to turn into a key player on the crypto market, allowing users to trade a myriad of tokes unavailable in other exchange platform.