by Betcoin Poker on March 15 th, 2019

Everybody knows Brock Pierce. Now being known as the Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, the former Disney actor gave his 2019 crypto prediction for the rest of the year.


dApps will take over.

dApps – decentralized applications, are the next big thing. Pierce, however, pointed out the three main factors in developing and turning the technology to a mainstream product–scalability, being cost-effective and frictionless.

“We’re going to see big things being built, multiple applications hitting a million users. […] They have to be fast. No one will use the new internet if it’s slow, costs money and doesn’t scale. We are building the new internet, so new standards need to be set.”

STOs are following.

The 2018 bubble pop slew down the ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). Security Token Offerings are likely to take over and become the next big thing in the world of crypto. ICOs revolve around a model of investing that can be successful only within a bubble, being unregulated and with no protection. The STOs will improve on that, providing a refined investment model that has adopted safety practices and higher efficiency.


Good UI/UX is a must

The technology has been already developed, adopted and working. The flawless user interface with smooth experience for the user is what the industry must focus on.


Games and Crypto go hand in hand

Pierce pointed out an interesting fact–gamers were the first to purchase digital assets in games with real money, so it’s natural for them to be the early adopters of new blockchain technologies.

“Gaming is going to be a huge part of it. The earliest adopters at scale of crypto were gamers.”

Brock Pierce is an American entrepreneur and cryptocurrency specialist. A former Disney actor, he is now a chairman and director of the Bitcoin Foundation.