Frequently asked questions.

by Betcoin Poker on February 9 th, 2019
  • No. Players are prohibited from having multiple BetcoinPoker.AG accounts. all accounts that suggest a fraudulent activity within our poker room will be banned immediately.

  • You can either subscribe for our regular newsletter, follow us on social media, or join our DISCORD channel.

  • Currently we support a few of the most common ones: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

  • No. All withdrawals are being released in the form of mBTC.

  • BetcoinPoker.AG is cryptocurrency-based poker room only. However, we can help you acquiring crypto assets through renowned exchange platforms.

  • Download the software that matches your operating system and follow the instructions within the software. If you already have an account, go straight to login. If not, please proceed by following the steps to create a BetcoinPoker.AG account, verify through your email and login.

  • Please note that deposits require confirmation by blockchain. Once 1-2 confirmations are generated, your deposit will be received and shown in your account. You can track the confirmations through by copy and pasting your deposit address there.

  • BetcoinPoker operates in uBTC. The amount of funds which you see in your account is not in USD or any other currency. For example if you deposit 10 USD through coin merchant, you will receive around 0.0015 BTC. (based on rate of $6750 per 1 BTC)

  • First deposit bonus is automatic. In case you don’t receive it within 5 minutes of receiving your deposit, please contact Live support for further help. You can check your bonus status in the WALLET section of the poker lobby.

  • Withdrawals are taking up to 24 hours during business days.

  • We credit Rakeback every Monday, around 11:00 AM EDT.

  • When sending or receiving such transfer, please contact Live Support. The function is not automatic. An agent will process it for you manually.

  • Please check your email spam folder.

    In case you are using Outlook or Thunderbird and the code is not in spam folder, please open your email through the website mail provider and check the spam folder there. (example:

  • You can submit your application for an affiliate account on this link .

    Make sure to not use same username as your player’s account in case you have such.

    Contact our Support Team upon creating your affiliate account. Then we will further provide detailed information on the affiliate terms and conditions.

  • Our HTML 5 client can be used on every Android or iOS device.

  • No limit/Pot limit tables

    Players mB0.01/0.02 – mB0.05/0.10 mB0.10/0.25 – mB3/6 mB4/8 and up
    Heads UP 2%, no cap 2%, no cap 2%, no cap
    2 Players 4%, mB0.50 cap 4%,
    mB1.00 cap
    4%, mB2.00 cap
    3-4 Players 4%,
    mB1.00 cap
    mB2.00 cap
    mB4.00 cap
    5+ Players 4%,
    mB2.00 cap
    mB4.00 cap
    mB8.00 cap