Texas Hold’Em

by Betcoin Poker on October 29 th, 2019

Texas Hold’Em (also known as Hold’Em) is a variation of the card game of poker, involving between 2 and 10 players, and a standard deck of 52 cards.


  • Poker Players

To start a game of Texas Hold’Em poker, the table needs at least 2 poker players. The game can be played form up to 10 players, although most rooms keep it to a maximum of six or eight people for optimum gameplay experience. 

  • Texas Hold’em Deck

Texas Hold’em is played by a standard 52-card deck. The dealt down cards in front of the players, are called Hole Cards (also known as “pocket cards”, or “down cards”). The remaining cards, turned face up in the middle of the table, and Community Cards are those belonging to players still in hand. 

  • Dealer

All live casinos and poker rooms have a Dealer – a man or woman, who handles the cards, monitors the game and gives out the pots. In online poker, the room programmes the Dealer to do the same, eliminating possibilities for human mistake. 

  • Blind

The first two bets, made by the players who sit on the left side of the dealer, are called Blinds. Players post all blinds before the Dealer deals any cards. The Blind bet is a bet made in the dark without knowing your cards.

  • Hands

Hands are called all ten possible combinations the player can get when dealt his cards, and have seen the community cards on the table. 





  1. Blinds: During the initial betting round, players are dealt two hole cards each, face down, one at a time. Then the Dealer accepts the Blinds by those two, sitting on his or her left side. 
  2. Flop: Once the hole cards are dealt to the players, the Dealer deals the community cards – three common cards in the middle of the table, facing up. These cards are collectively known as “the flop.”
  3. Turn: The flop is followed by a second round of betting, and a fourth common card is dealt face up. The second round of betting is called “the turn”.
  4. River: The fourth and final round of betting deals the fifth community card, facing up. The final round is often referred to as “the river”, followed by the fifth and final round of betting. 


There are three betting actions, depending on what choice the player makes. 

  1. Call – when “calling” the player matches the bet amount. 
  2. Fold -when “folding” the player throws away his hand when it’s his turn to act.
  3. Raise – when “rising”, the player increases the previous bet.


To determine what’s the best possible move, each player must identify the best combination of the board – the five common cards, and the two individual hole cards he has been dealt. Each player can use both of his hole cards, one hole card only, or none of the hole cards. 


Fixed Limit Holdem, also known as Limit Holdem got its name because of the fixed limits during gameplay. Players can bet in a single set. Bets remain the same during the first two betting rounds (pre-flop and flop). The bets must be equal to the big blind, calling this amount “small bet”. The next two rounds of betting raise the bets, which must equal or twice the big blind. This amount is called “big bet”. 


Pot Limit Texas Hold’em follows the Texas Hold’em rules, only differing in the minimum bet during gameplay session. The minimum bet must be the same as the big blind, allowing players to bet up to the size of the pot. Players are allowed a minimum raise the amount of the previous bet. 


Typically played in tournaments, No Limit Texas Hold’em allows size of all bets and rounds to raise without limit. Often the game is only described through numbers, i.e. ⅖ NL game (small blind sizes $1, and big blind – $3), or a 200-500NL game (the minimum and maximum buy-ins of $200 and $500).