by Betcoin Poker on November 20 th, 2019

Big-time changes are coming on November 21st. We’ll shut down the service for a while, until we deploy the following improvements and new features.

The deploy will start at 9 am UTC. Estimated downtime: ~3 hours.

We aim to please. You’ll see soon.

  1. Web Poker Client interface improvements – Desktop & Mobile

  • We’ve worked on our design to present you with nicer and sleeker looking buttons. Check out the ones on top.
  • We’ve renamed ring games to CASH GAMES. Now’s the time to start playing more.
  • You can now see your balance information, nickname and avatar at the top right corner of the header. 
  • We improved our mobile browser lobby design for an excellent game play experience. 
  • We changed the design of our game filters. You can now browse better, and choose what suits you best.
  1. Multi-Window Support on Desktop

  • Click on the toggle switch and check out what’s happening on the rest of the tables you play. You can set you poker lobby the way you feel like it. If you first close the toggle, but decide to give it a go later, head to Options > General < Multi-Window Table Mode. It’s that easy.
  • To play in a multi-window environment, make sure your browser doesn’t have a pop-up blocker. If it does, however, we’ll shoot you a reminder to turn it off for our pages.
  • Decide between a grid or a cascade layout when playing in multiple windows. Try it out with our hot keys:
    • Grid layout: Ctrl + 1
    • Cascade Layout: Ctrl + 2
    • Default Window Size: Ctrl + X
    • Apply Size to All Windows: Ctrl + L
  1. SPIN & WIN

  • We’ve rebranded our JPTs. Check ou the SPIN & WIN tab atop and start playing.
    Newbies will get a hint of what to do when they first hit the section.
  • To access your JPT tickets, go to Menu > My Account > My Wallet > Ticket Manager.